Sneak Peek: Rainforest

March is finally here, so we’re starting to see the sunny light at the end of the wintery tunnel. Between spring break and planning our summer getaway, we’ve been carefully crafting a summer wish list to complete our closets. You’ll need to bust out your list again because our newest pattern is a must this season. Arriving in-stores Thursday, March 9, Rain Forest is the tribal-inspired pattern you’ll be pairing with your favorite denim and go-to sandals all summer. With multi-cultural influences, this Afro-Cuban geometric pattern is subtle, yet striking in cream, lime, aqua, blue and dark brown.



Sneak Peek: Rumba

With that spring break girl’s trip around the corner, we can’t help but have summer on the mind. Bright hues, breezy fabrics and bold accessories make up our warm-weather wardrobes and our newest pattern will fit right in. Arriving in-stores Thursday, March 9, Rumba is the summer pattern you’ll be wearing on repeat. A mix of coral, orange, aqua, lime and yellow on a red ground, the vibrant colors are inspired by the tropical climate of Cuba. This pattern is perfect for both color-lovers and travelers.

Captivating colors, irresistible style. Meet Spartina 449’s new Kalypso Linen collection

They say that once you visit Tybee Island, the charm of “Savannah’s Beach” will call you back again. Maybe it’s the colorful cottages mixed with an eclectic town feel. Or the warmth of Southern hospitality, like the feel of sunshine on your skin, quintessential of the South. Whatever it is, it’s enough to make you want to live here forever. And that enchanting spirit of island living is what Spartinia 449’s Kalypso collection celebrates.

Named after a beautiful sea nymph in Greek mythology, Kalypso’s enchanting song lured Homer’s legendary hero, Odysseus, to her secluded island for years. We get it. Like Tybee’s rhythmic tide, its beach beckons you to adventure on its surf and relax on its shores for as long as you wish.

Spartina 449’s Kalypso collection blends that easy, breezy feeling of boho, beachside living with the classic shapes of posh prep. It’s their way of letting the beach go with you no matter where you go.

From top left: Privateer, Bohème, Tybrisa and Salt Meadow.

Salt Meadow: Inspired by the twists and turns of the saltwater marshes, Spartina imparted colorful flavor into this design with sprouting petals and curling paisleys. A lush and lavish print full of surprises.

Privateer: Designed as a “new classic” this botanical silhouettes easily complements your legendary style.

Bohème: With a nod to classic, blcok-print French textiles, Spartina 449’s Bohème paisley pattern pairs open water blues with spicy, root-inspired hues, giving this design a lovely je ne sais quoi.

Tybrisa: Interlocking ovals link arm-in-arm atop a sea-faring navy blue for a look that stands the test of time.